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(A.A. Ibn Hawk X PH Alcetiw)
AHR  #0492982

   Silectiw, or J.R. as we called him,  passed away in June of 2002 to an unknown illness (possibly WNV). He was an outstanding son of our stallion, A.A. Ibn Hawk, and out of our fantastic mare, PH Alcetiw.  J.R. was only a nine year old when he passed on. He had shown in halter and walk trot in our small local shows and did really well. JR was a dream to ride and is missed terribly by us and all the people who knew him.

Ridden by Hannah Cunningham




Pedigree of Silectiw


JR's show pictures


JRDolly2.jpg (17686 bytes)  JRshow3.jpg (14995 bytes) dollyjrclass.jpg (18316 bytes)  dollyjrclass5.jpg (17107 bytes)

dollyjrclass6.jpg (23686 bytes) preclassjr.jpg (14222 bytes) JR in a jumping lesson with Hannah


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