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I need not make any apologies for Misty. She gave 100%. We learned together. Inexperienced horse and even less experienced rider. Of course I thought I knew it all. How little I knew and how much I am still learning. My first horse show, the judge asked if I knew what a lead was. I had never had anyone tell me. It only took one time of feeling so dumb for me to realize I had a lot to learn, and learn I did. I went to every learning event that I could. In just a short period of time Misty and I were doing very well in everything form barrels to pleasure. Her favorite was trail. As my children began riding she always let them think they were in charge. She listened to the announcer and was ready for whatever gait they mentioned. All we had to do was aim her nose in the gate and she did the rest. She listened to the announcer and did what they said and when the kids won they thought they had done all the work. When she took them in trail class they just had to aim her and she did the rest. I felt so safe on the trail rides with her. She would never take you anywhere that wasn't safe. She was not an Arabian but I was honored to have her in my life. May all her pastures be green.



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